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Delivery to Chalford, Chalford Hill or France Lynch (for people who are vulnerable)
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High St GL6 8DJ Chalford , GL6 8DJ
England / Gloucestershire / Stroud
Further Information

Deliveries to those in need
In the afternoon the shop will be closed. We will use this time to take telephone orders only from (or for) people who are vulnerable, who are ill, or self isolating. If this is the case, and you live in Chalford, Chalford Hill or France Lynch, you can telephone us on 01453 884397, to place a telephone order between 1pm and 4pm.. We will take payment from a debit card.

If you’d like to look at our price list please open the link under “Our Stock” at the bottom of this page.

A delivery will be made to your house between 5 and 6pm. The delivery volunteer will leave the bags on your doorstep and will not ring the bell.

Please remember – we are not Tescos! We cannot provide a general delivery service for anyone else who is able to get out and about.

Also, be aware that although we are working hard with our wonderful suppliers, some goods are unavailable, and we may limit quantities of certain goods. We would ask that everyone uses common sense and consideration for others in only buying as much as they need.

Please note that although we carry out due diligence to ensure as far as we can that the businesses we display are genuine. We would urge you contact the business and investigate further particularly with their methods of delivery regarding social distancing and payment.

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