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Drybrook, Ruardean , Gl17 9XF
England / Gloucestershire / Tewkesbury
Further Information

-boxes are not the same weekly, we change them to give you a variety

-the boxes don’t always look as full one week as they are the previous week. Veg prices are up and down like yo-yos at the moment but we will ALWAYS give you £10 worth of fruit or veg or whatever price you’ve ordered!

-if you want swaps it’s not a problem we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

-me and char are the only ones on admin and box making so please bear with us. We are human, we do miss things we aren’t perfect! We’ve gone from 150 ish bookings a week to over 700 our system isn’t set to cater for this but we don’t have the time to set a new system up, we are trying our best!!

-we post ‘Collection’ and ‘delivery’ posts so that we don’t miss you! Please reply on the correct day!!!

-Please Please Please read our posts properly!!! We seem to be asking for Tuesday orders but getting thursday orders!

-we appreciate each and every one of you we appreciate all the praise we are getting all the gifts we are getting (although we may be able to open our own winery after) just need your patience

-we are covering so many vulnerable people at the moment and yes we should say no but when you get the messages and the phone calls we can’t say no and I’m sorry for that but I would prefer to be helpful and maybe delay a booked delivery rather than leave someone without and in need!!!!

We just ask a couple of things to remember
-read posts on FaceBook
-be patient
-we love you all
-please stay safe!

Please note that although we carry out due diligence to ensure as far as we can that the businesses we display are genuine. We would urge you contact the business and investigate further particularly with their methods of delivery regarding social distancing and payment.

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