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Home Delivery Service

Please see some of our products below:

Mixed Fruit Box – £20.50

Mixed Vegetable & Salad Box – £20.50

All in One Box – £23.50

The box contents are not set in stone. We supply a big box full of fresh and healthy mixed Fruit/Vegetable/Salad

To enable us to offer a great price on the dairy boxes these can only be ordered
in conjunction with one or both of the above Fruit/Vegetable boxes. Dairy boxes cannot be sold singularly.

Supplementary Strength Dairy Box – £11.00
12 Free Range Eggs, 1 x 250g Salted Butter, 2 x 2ltr Full Fat Milk, 2 x 800g White Sliced Bread

Supplementary Health Dairy Box – £11.00
12 Free Range Eggs, 1 x 250g Unsalted Butter, 2 x 2ltr Semi Skimmed Milk, 2 x 800g Brown Sliced Bread

We also offer bulk potatoes:
1 x 15kg Baking Potatoes
1 x 25kg Sack of Potatoes
These will be at market prices as prices are volatile currently.

How to place an order:

Simply click “Order Now” @ https://www.producewarriors.com/home-delivery

Please note – we can deliver to your doorstep, or leave your order in a safe place.
Produce Warriors – veg & fruit deliveries to Banbury/Bicester/Brackley locations.

Please note that although we carry out due diligence to ensure as far as we can that the businesses we display are genuine. We would urge you contact the business and investigate further particularly with their methods of delivery regarding social distancing and payment.

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