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Stanton St John , OX33 1HF
England / Oxfordshire
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Rectory Farm – offering click & click (drive-thru style!) as well as deliveries to Stanton St John, Forest Hill, Bayswater Road, Beckley, Elsfield and Horton-cum-Studley.

We’re pleased to announce that we are now offering a salad box alongside our small and large fruit and veg boxes for delivery and collection. With this beautiful weather we’ve noticed a real surge in demand for salad items and so this new box will include things like mixed salad leaves, spring onions, cress, different types of tomatoes, radishes, avocados, seeds and the basic ingredients for making your own dressings.

We’re also expanding the variety of produce going into our small and large fruit and veg boxes. Naturally, contents will vary depending on what’s in season and available, but large veg boxes will now feature extra provisions such as sweet potatoes, cauliflower, red onions, celeriac, a wider range of herbs, and mushrooms. Small veg boxes will follow suit, though on a smaller scale. ⠀

As with all of our boxes, items will vary but we will always strive to bring you the very best.

Available online now!

Please note that although we carry out due diligence to ensure as far as we can that the businesses we display are genuine. We would urge you contact the business and investigate further particularly with their methods of delivery regarding social distancing and payment.

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