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27 Brixworth Road, Spratton , NN6 8HH
England / Northamptonshire
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We are launching a new Everyday Essentials section on our website with local bread, eggs, flour, pasta, cheese and other everyday items that you may have been struggling to get.
We have also teamed up with our friends at Smiths Farm Shop to offer a HUGE box of the freshest vegetables, salad and fruit for only £25 which you can add to your Sauls orders, and we’re STILL offering free local delivery!! (Please note you MUST order a minimum of £25 of Sauls products from across our website before you can add this item)
We have lots of stocks of fresh meat, barbecue foods and our homemade sausages and pies. You can order online or over the phone and we aim to get your order to you within 3-4 working days, or even sooner if we can.
Order online at www.saulsofspratton.co.uk or call 01604 847214

Please note that although we carry out due diligence to ensure as far as we can that the businesses we display are genuine. We would urge you contact the business and investigate further particularly with their methods of delivery regarding social distancing and payment.

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