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Frozen Food Ready Meals (Heat at Home)
Station Road, Bransford , WR6 5JH
England / Worcestershire / Worcester
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We are offering a home delivery of chilled (or frozen) individual dishes, all freshly made in our kitchen and delivered to your door by us.

Minimum order: £18 (covers fuel cost).

Chilled meals have a 3-day shelf life in your refrigerator. Frozen meals should be stored in your freezer until required. If you have purchased a FROZEN meal, this must be defrosted safely before re-heating. Meals are supplied chilled if prepared that day, or we keep reserve stock frozen.

M = Re-heat in your Microwave
O = Re-heat in your Oven

Meals suitable for Microwave heating ONLY will be supplied in plastic food containers. Before heating, loosen the lid of the container. Please DO NOT heat the plastic containers in your oven!

Meals suitable for heating in your oven will be supplied in foil containers. Please DO NOT heat the foil containers in your microwave!

Telephone us on (01886) 833399
Place your order and we will confirm availability. Payment is by card over the telephone. Delivery will usually be next day but we will advise of any change to this. We can phone you before delivery.

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